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--  In the heart of Tuscany, in the center of Chianti  --








IL CILIEGIO farm is located in the heart of Tuscany, in the center of Chianti, and a stone's throw from the wonderful city of Siena.
For seventy years now, the company has been operating in the local wine scene and is known by many for what has historically been the company's primary activity: the production and direct sale of high quality wine and oil.
Winegrowers for passion and tradition since 1952, our story tells of the hard work of patriarch Mario who in the early 1950s moved from the Veneto region to Tuscany, bringing with him himself a wealth of wine culture learned in his native land: the Euganean Hills (also this area of ​​fine wines!!).
Over the following years, helped by his four children, Mario lays the foundations of the company, but the turning point in production takes place at the end of the 80s: the farm specializes in viticulture, focuses more on the cellar, bottling and marketing of the wines produced on the farm. The process is constantly accompanied by renovations of the buildings, now more modern, and by new oenological techniques applied in the cellar.
In 2008, the educational agritourism was born with the restaurant to offer our visitors an additional service and the pleasure of immersing themselves for a few hours in the reality of the peasant world, with its tastes and its times lenses. The peculiarity of the company is the family management, possible thanks to a good dose of organization:
Severino "the boss", manages the organizational part of the work in the fields, directs the workers and teaches them the techniques to adopt;
Marco and Veronica take care of the agritourism and the restaurant;
Simone takes care of the cellar and the packaging of the wines in the bottle;
Luca takes care of the commercial part.

--  The will and commitment to produce quality wines  --


It is precisely in these lands, in the Chianti Colli Senesi, that the nobility of Sangiovese, in a successful combination with superior vines, expresses the wine excellence of Tuscany in the bottle.
In these hills, where Il Ciliegio covers 100 hectares of land, of which almost 50 of specialized vineyards and about 15 of intensive olive groves, wine and oil of great value are produced, superior in terms of their organoleptic characteristics.
The vines grow luxuriantly in this environment: they meet the stone, ideal for the Chianti vines.
The texture of the medium-textured soil, with a balanced combination of clay, silt and sand, moderately calcareous on the surface, ensures good drainage. The water filters without stagnating, leaving the roots of the vine moist. The Mediterranean climate, with low rainfall in summer, abundant rain in autumn and winter, the right location of the vineyards between the North West and South East, are the other winning elements for making wine production excellent.
Intuition and the right strategies convinced Il Ciliegio that in order to grow it was necessary to respect the right times. A rule that always applies in this company, and so each vineyard has its own identity and a particular history.
The organization of the vineyards satisfies the quality of the yields. Good practices recommend not asking too much of older plants; the densities rise for the more recent ones where a Guyot and unilateral spurred cordon training system is performed.
Ma la filosofia aziendale e l’impegno sono gli stessi: La volontà e l’impegno di produrre vini di qualità.

--  Come and visit us  --


You can find us in via Uopini, 94, in Monteriggioni, province of Siena.
Starting from Florence or Siena, take the Siena-Firenze highway, exit at Badesse, follow the signs for Uopini, just passed the town of Badesse you will find, after about two hundred meters, the indication of our farm on the left.
Società Agricola IL CILIEGIO di Pattaro S. & Figli s.s. - P. IVA: 01025280528 - REA:SI-114542 - COD UNIVOCO: 5RUO82D
    Via Uopini 94 - 53035 Monteriggioni – Siena


Società Agricola IL CILIEGIO di Pattaro S. & Figli s.s. - P. IVA: 01025280528 - REA:SI-114542 - COD UNIVOCO: 5RUO82D
    Via Uopini 94 - 53035 Monteriggioni – Siena
   +39 329 1767348

   +39 335 7655171

   +39 331 1347899

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