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Type 2 soft wheat flour is the product derived from the milling of soft wheat (Triticum aestivum).

Soft wheat flour is the most used and widespread flour on a commercial level and there are different types:

Type 00: also called "double zero", is the most processed type of flour, with the finest grain, of a powdery, almost impalpable consistency. It is obtained by grinding the wheat grain, eliminating both the germ - rich in vitamins and minerals - and the bran, rich in fibre.
Type 0 flour: less refined than 00, it contains a very small percentage of bran although it remains dusty and almost impalpable in consistency.
Type 1: less refined than type 0, has a higher percentage of bran and has a powdery, medium-grained consistency.
Type 2 flour: also called semi-wholemeal, contains almost all the parts of the wheat grain. It has a powdery consistency, medium grain.
Wholemeal flour: it is the flour that contains all parts of the grain. It has a powdery consistency, with a very coarse grain. It is the flour that was used until a few decades ago, before discovering that extreme processing led to the creation of a thinner flour, with which it was possible to produce softer and whiter bread.
From a nutritional point of view, wholemeal flour is the most complete, since it is the only one that preserves the fibers and minerals contained in the soft wheat grain. Type 2 and Type 1 flours, even if more processed, retain good nutritional characteristics. 0 and 00 flours, on the other hand, are the most refined because they undergo more processing. The latter are mostly composed of starches, with a smaller intake of fiber and minerals.

Possible benefits and contraindications
Type 00, 0 and 1 wheat flours represent very energetic product types. As happens with other foods sources of complex carbohydrates such as cereals, soft wheat flour is also rich in starch and provides a slow release of glucose into the blood which, on the one hand ensures long-term energy for the body, on the other could be a problem in diabetics.
From a purely nutritional point of view, it would be better to consume Type 1, Type 2 or Wholemeal flours, as they contain higher percentages of fiber and minerals.

Type 2 soft wheat flour is the right choice for those looking for a product with a delicate rustic flavor and an interesting nutritional balance.

In pastry making, its main use concerns tart dough, dry biscuits and various types of cakes, such as donuts and plum cakes. Even when it comes to savory foods, the preparations for which this type of flour is suitable are truly numerous. From bread to pizza, from focaccias to the crunchiest leavened products - such as, for example, crackers and breadsticks - everything takes on a rustic and unique flavour. It is also perfect for preparing homemade pasta, both with and without egg, both long and short, and with fillings.

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Società Agricola IL CILIEGIO di Pattaro S. & Figli s.s. - P. IVA: 01025280528 - REA:SI-114542 - COD UNIVOCO: 5RUO82D
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